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Kiln Dried Logs

Get Kiln Dried Logs In Plymouth & Ivybridge

Discover the excellence of our kiln dried logs at Downing Logs in Ivybridge. Sourced by our experienced team, these logs are perfect for various applications, including wood-burning appliances, stoves, multi-fuel stoves, pizza ovens, and open fires. With a moisture level of less than 20%, our logs ensure a high-temperature burn with a sustained, natural flame. Conveniently packaged in dumpy bags or loose. Larger quantities are available for those with ample storage space.

We are available in Plymouth and Ivybridge. Contact us for more information, to schedule a next-day delivery, or to request a quote. Elevate your wood-burning experience with our kiln dried logs.

Top view of chopped firewood

High-performance Logs

Our kiln dried ash hardwood logs are recognised for their exceptional performance. Whether you're heating your home, powering a pizza oven, or enjoying an open fire, these logs guarantee a consistent and long-lasting flame.

Low Moisture For Optimal Burning

Our kiln dried logs ensure a high-temperature burn with a moisture level below 20%, providing warmth and efficiency. Experience the benefits of low moisture content in your wood-burning appliances.

Flexible Packaging Options

Conveniently packaged in dumpy bags or loose, making them suitable for various needs. Whether you're a homeowner or a business, we offer flexibility with larger quantities for those with sufficient storage space.

Hear From Our Clients

Impressive Service

“We had our first delivery of logs a few days ago they arrived promptly at the time they said they would and stacked the logs beautifully in my wood shed, ensuring that it was left clean and tidy. The wood itself is dry and burns extremely well. I’m thoroughly impressed by their service and will use them again when we run out.”

Fantastic Kiln Dried Ash Cut

“I was unsure on which logs to go for, so contacted James and was pleased with his quick and clear advice. I ordered the medium load, which was delivered promptly and on a day I was free. Fantastic kiln dried ash cut to size to fit my small burner. The attached log store pic shows the beautiful (newer lighter) ash logs and I had more leftover to fill my secondary store. Will definitely buy from Downing Logs again.”

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Reach Out To Us At To Get Your Kiln Dried Logs Delivered The Next Day!

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